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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"The Voice" Welcomes a Familiar "Idol" Face

It looks like “The Voice” has its first compelling story…

So I’m watching the premiere of “The Voice,” not really paying attention, when a familiar face popped on the screen. It was Frenchie Davis, the powerhouse singer from Season 2 of “Idol.”

You may remember that she was disqualified when it was discovered that she had pictures on an adult website. It was a pretty controversial decision, because Frenchie was SO talented. But she went on to do “Rent” on Broadway and toured with Ruben Studdard in “Ain’t Misbehavin’.” So I was stunned to see her on “The Voice.”

But maybe more stunning is that it looked like none of the coaches were going to turn around their chairs and pick her for their team. In their defense, she was doing what I would consider a mediocre version of “I Kissed a Girl.”

In the end, Christina Aguilera did turn around her chair and pick Frenchie for her team. During her post-audition interview, Frenchie told host Carson Daly that she didn’t want to give up her dream of a recording career. I wonder if all her years on Broadway and touring have taken too much of the street out of her voice.

Personally, I think it’s sad that this show may be her only outlet to record an album. She’s way more talented than that…