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Monday, April 25, 2011

Get Inside Steven Tyler's Head Beginning Next Week

For those of you who want to get inside of Steven Tyler’s head—and really, isn’t that all of us?—his memoir hits bookstores next week…

“Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?” which gives an inside look at Steven’s life and career, will be release May 3.

Here’s Steven’s quote from the press release: “I’ve been mythicized, Mick-icized, eulogized and fooligized, I’ve been Cole-Portered and farmer’s-daughtered, I’ve been Led Zepped and 12-stepped. I’m a rhyming fool and so cool that me, Fritz the Cat, and Mohair Sam are the baddest cats that am. I have so many outrageous stories, too many, and I’m gonna tell ’em all. All the unexpurgated, brain-jangling tales of debauchery, sex & drugs, transcendence & chemical dependence you will ever want to hear. And this is not just my take, this is the unbridled truth, the in-your-face, up-close and prodigious tale of Steven Tyler straight from the horse’s lips.”

You’ve gotta love that guy…

I hope to have more on this as we get closer…

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