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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: Will She Stay or Will She Go? reported exclusively last week that Jennifer Lopez is teaming with “Idol” creator Simon Fuller on a new reality show.

The show would follow JLo and her husband, Marc Anthony, as they tour Latin America looking for the best undiscovered musical talent. It’s tentatively called “Que Viva.” reports that the show is in the early development stages and is not committed to any network.

The question this raises is whether JLo will stay with “Idol.” According to the story, she is only signed through the end of this season.

Personally, I think JLo would be crazy to leave “Idol” after all of the things it has done for her with endorsements, etc. And Simon Fuller is not going to let her get away after what she’s done for the show this year. So I think this will get worked out…

By the way, Steven Tyler told reporters before the season started that he is signed for one more year…

Photo Credit: FOX