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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 7 Performance Show: Who's Going Home?

When you’re dealing with more current songs on “Idol,” it can often be a recipe for a disaster. But tonight was far from that, although the ending was a tad underwhelming…

Normally at this point in the competition, Ryan does his two groups of three trick during the results show, where he divides the contestants into two groups of three and then makes the seventh contestant decide which group is the bottom three. But since he isn’t doing any of his normal tricks this season, he probably won’t do that—which is a bummer since that’s my favorite of his tricks.

If he does do a bottom three, I’m going with Stefano, Haley and Lauren. I think Jacob is also a possibility, but I have to think he’ll get some sympathy votes. Normally, I also consider the contestant who goes first, but since that was Scotty I think he’ll be fine.

So who’s going home? The last time I said I was over a contestant, she went home. I am seriously hoping it will happen again. And I think it will. Stefano’s time is up. Haley, my second choice once again this week, deserves to stay…

What do you guys think? Are you as over Stefano as I am? And are you psyched for David Cook tomorrow night?

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