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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 7 Results Show: Katy Perry Goes Gaga

8:44 We’re back…Ryan intros Katy Perry to do “E.T”…It starts with the Kanye West rap on video…She’s carried out through the doors by people dressed like aliens…And now her outfit lights up…I think she’s been watching too much Lady Gaga…I thought at first she wasn’t singing, but I think she is…And KANYE WEST comes through the doors to audience cheers…SERIOUSLY?! Didn’t see that one coming…He seems a little uncomfortable on the stage of aliens…She finally interacts with him and then she gets in her little alien craft thing so her outfit can light up…Ryan is backstage with Jacob and Stefano. Okay, so Katy Perry was clearly on tape…Stefano is clearly at peace with going home…After the break…