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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top 9 Results Show: Iggy Pop Goes "Wild"

8:46 We’re back...Ryan intros Iggy Pop…JLo looks too upset to enjoy it…He’s doing “Wild One”…Wow, it is so time to put that shirt back on…Okay, what did he just do? The camera just cut away and there was no audio…Apparently he just cursed up a blue streak because the delay was on for quite a while…The young girls in the front don’t seem to really know what to do…Man, the family show thing seriously has gone out the window, hasn’t it?...Steven doesn’t even look like he knows what to do…He gets in JLo’s face and she’s not sure what to do. I think she’s too worried about the results…Randy and Steven give him a standing ovation and JLo eventually stands…Stefano, Pia and Jacob are in the bottom three…After the break…

So here’s a question. If Jacob goes home, could it have something to do with his comment about if he went home it would be because America didn’t want to at itself in the mirror?