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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 9 Performances: Who's Going Home?

Okay. I’ve had two people ask me who’s going home. And now I’ll tell you the same thing I told them—I have no idea. But, you guys count on me to predict, so…

Since there are nine contestants left, I think Ryan might do his three groups of three for the results. If that’s the case, here’s my bottom three: Haley, Paul and Pia, with a chance Stefano could get in there too. So of those three, who’s going home? My gut says Haley. She was great tonight, but I’ve just got a feeling. I don’t know why.

If it was up to me, it would be Stefano. I am SO over him…

So what do you guys think? Who do you think is going home? And did tonight confirm that this is the best season ever?