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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 9 Performances: Jacob Looks in the "Mirror"

Ready to rock and roll?

If you haven’t heard, Ryan Seacrest was named the most powerful person in reality TV today by “The Hollywood Reporter.”

Tonight, Gwen Stefani is styling the female contestants. And Jeff Beck will be playing guitar for the contestants. Plus, came in to mentor.

Cool to see Steven Tyler doing the video piece on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But don’t even get me started on how Hall and Oates aren’t in it…

Let’s do this!

Jacob Lusk, “Man in the Mirror”: 18

This is the song I had picked out for Jacob for 80s Week. But he didn’t quite bring it the way I imagined he would. I would’ve cut the verse a little to get to the chorus sooner.

I would have loved to have heard Jacob do “Let’s Get It On,” but I give him props for not doing a song that’s not him. I think America will give him props for that as well. Unless they were offended by those hip thrusts. Yikes!

And how cool that Siedah Garrett, the song’s co-writer, sang it with him…