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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top 11 Redux Results: Time to Party!

8:49 We’re back…Ryan intros Jamie Foxx and to do “Hot Wings” from the movie “Rio.” Oh this is going to be wild…The sound is off from the beginning…And Jamie is off…Now he’s okay. I’m guessing he was having some hearing problems…And he’s got some AutoTune helping him now…There are women all over the stage dressed in colored outfits to represent the tropical birds…Scenes from the movie are playing on the big screen in the back…Overhead shot to watch the women dancing on the floor in some kind of pattern…This is really hard to describe if you’re not watching it. Sorry…I’m going to guess this will work much better once it’s animated…They plug the movie. Jamie says it’s fun for the whole family…After the break…