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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 8 Results Show: What Did Rihanna Sing?

8:45 We’re back. Ryan is in the audience with Chaka Khan and Anita Baker. He intros Rihanna…What is up with that fan Chaka is holding?…Rihanna is doing “California King Bed”…She’s standing in the middle of a bunch of curtains and a lot of fog…What is up with that mega red hair? Seriously?...The dancers emerge from the smoke to dance on the floor…It’s a ballad, by the way…I kind of wanted her to sing “S & M” so I could blast the show for it. LOL…This is live. I thought she was on tape…The dancers are dancing inside the curtain/drape things…I like this one…Honey, you are too pretty to have that clown hair. Seriously…It’s nice to actually hear her sing…The ending was a little abrupt considering all the production…Ryan walks over to her…She gets a big ovation…Ryan lets her plug the tour…She says they’re building a set for the fans to actually be on the stage. She says she’s not supposed to say that. Yeah right. She needs to sell tickets…Notice Ryan said she had another #1 with “S & M.” So they acknowledged it. She just didn’t sing it…After the break…