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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 8 Results Show: Kelly Makes Another Triumphant Return

8:23 We’re back…Ryan intros video of Rob Reiner talking to the Idols. What is he plugging?...He says he’s a huge fan of the show and he’s watched since Season 1. He thinks that this season is the most talented…He sings for them his lyrics for the theme to “Chariots of Fire.” It’s pretty funny…He says that “From Justin to Kelly” was brilliant and was ignored at Oscar time. That’s wrong. I admit it. I love that movie…He’s still funny…Direct another film, would ya?...Ryan intros Kelly and Jason Aldean to do “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” SUCH a great song…It’s just Jason…Kelly walks in…She looks great…Again the sound is off to me…Kelly’s all smiles…She sounds great too…I think it’s true that she brings out the best in Jason…Scotty is super excited over on the couch…This song has already been a #1 country hit. Could this appearance maybe push it to #1 pop?...They just gave each other a little look during the music break. I think it was some relief on Jason’s part at hitting the notes. It was cute…They’re having a lot of fun…That was pretty daggone good…What? No standing ovation from the judges?!...Ryan talks to them…Kelly complains that Ryan only retweets part of her tweets…She admits that she thinks Casey is delicious. Casey loves it…Kelly starts giving Ryan a hard time but he says they have to get to the results. I think they should have just turned the show over to her…After the break…