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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 8 Performance Show: Jacob Is Back, Baby!

So why are Rob Reiner, Hank Azaria, and Elvira in the house tonight?

Jacob Lusk, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”: 20

Jacob is back, baby! This was the perfect marriage of song and spirit because it perfectly captured what Jacob is going through. Major kudos to Jimmy for recognizing that and picking it.

I’ve been hard on Jimmy tonight so let me also give him kudos for pointing out to Jacob that he shouldn’t have preached to America last week. But I think he could’ve been a little easier on him with that and with calling his original choices (“The Impossible Dream” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”) corny—even though he was totally right. once again to the rescue on that one.

And yes, I’m well aware that is Clay’s song, but it was such a perfect choice for Jacob I’m going to let that go…