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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 8 Performance Show: Who's Going Home?

So “Idol” is supposed to be all about the contestants. Last season, it was all about the judges. But tonight, it was all about in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine. He was SO grumpy tonight that it was a good thing was there for some balance.

Again, I have to ask, why did the show decide to show us all that footage of the Idols disagreeing with Jimmy? Was it about the contestants or Jimmy? Again, I have to wonder if with all of the criticism that the judges have been getting for being too nice, the show wasn’t playing some good cop, bad cop. Whatever the reason was, I feel a little manipulated.

I also feel bad because I’m focusing so much more on Jimmy than I am the performances. And that’s not the way it should be…

So let me go back to those performances and answer the question of who’s going home. Last week was really hard to decide, but this week I think is fairly easy. For the bottom three, I say Paul and Haley for sure. Paul went first and Haley got the only criticism from the judges. And she’s a girl and we know what their luck has been. The third spot is a little bit of a toss up but I’m going to go with Casey. I’m not sure America will quite get his performance.

So who’s going home? I think it’s absolutely, without a doubt, Haley. And yes, I am disappointed because I like her. But she didn’t quite bring it as much as she has the past two weeks.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me about who’s going home? And what did you think of Jimmy’s rants? Feel free to post a comment or find me on Facebook or Twitter