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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 11 Performance Show: Final Thoughts on a Doozy

PHEW! Final thoughts in a moment…

Holy cow! What a DOOZY!

At this point, I always ask if America got it right. But since I think we can all agree that they didn’t, let me ask something else. What happened to Casey?

I think Casey got hit with the curse of going first. It was a performance that could be easily forgotten and clearly it was. Also, I think there’s a possibility that people thought they didn’t need to vote for him because he was a favorite. And I have to wonder if his angry eyes and growls didn’t start turning America off. I mentioned that in my column this week, but I didn’t think it would almost send him home this early.

Here’s what I said: “Someone else who might want to tone it down is Casey Abrams. I loved his gutsy, risky choice of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," but the performance came off a little manic, to say the least. Casey seems extremely popular right now, but if we see those crazed eyes too many more times, he may scare his fans away.”

My apologies, Casey, if I jinxed you…

I think we can all agree that the judges did the right thing. It was a little early to use their one save, but they had no choice. Let me say it again. You could NOT have the tour without Casey. It just wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. I just hope this scare doesn’t reignite his health problems and he can hang in there. I thought he was going to throw up right there on the stage.

As for the rest of the bottom three, I think America did a pretty good job there. Thia was forgettable and if you’re picking people for the tour, I would definitely go with Haley and Naima over Thia any day. Stefano deserved to be punished for his TERRIBLE song choice. I don’t think he deserved to go home, but I would’ve understood if it had been him.

So what do you guys think about the doozy of the show we got tonight? And most importantly, whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?

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