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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 11 Performance Show: Who's Going Home?

As far as Motown shows go, that was a darn good one. Most of the contestants picked the right songs, but a few made some bad choices. And those are the ones who will be in trouble…

Since tomorrow night will be the announcement of the Top 10 that will go on the tour, there may not be a bottom three, because Ryan may call them over to chairs like he does when they announce the finalists. But if there is a bottom three, I’m going with Naima, Haley and Stefano. Naima gave the most polarizing performance of the night with her dancing that may have come off as strange to some viewers. Haley was great, but she’s been in the bottom three two weeks in a row. And I think Stefano will be punished for his song choice and what he did with it. But there’s a possibility we could see Pia or Thia in there as well—Pia for doing another ballad and Thia because her performance could be forgettable.

So who’s going home? This is a tough one. It should absolutely be Naima because she gave the worst performance, but my gut is once again saying Haley. As I said, she was great, but I think it was probably too little, too late…

Plus, you have to ask yourself the question. Who would you rather see on the tour—Naima or Haley? I’d have to go with Naima…

What do you guys think? Did you love or hate Naima’s performance? Who do you think is going home? And do you think I’m right or wrong about Scotty?

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