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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 11 Results Show: Surprising Results, Indeed

8:37 We’re back. Ryan gives James Hulk’s shirt and he looks like he’s going to pass out. Stefano, Jacob and Thia. I think Stefano is in the bottom three…Jacob is safe…Could they both be in the bottom three? We’ve only got 20 minutes…The audience boos JLo’s Stefano comments…Thia is in the bottom three…Stefano…also in the bottom three. Big boos from the audience…

8:39 Naima, Haley and Casey. This will be the interesting one…Ryan says to be sure to stay for the entire show…It’s Haley or Naima, but who is it? It should be Naima, but…Someone is safe and it’s…Naima. She’s stunned. Looks like Haley again, or did Casey get cursed with the number one spot?...Haley has already consigned herself to the bottom three…It’s Casey. Haley is shocked and the audience is upset…Naima is completely stunned. The bottom three is Thia, Stefano and Casey. Yes, Ryan was right. This is interesting…And if it turns out to be Stefano or Casey, will the judges use their save. I think definitely with Casey. And if JLo can convince them, Stefano will be saved as well…After the break…

Come on kids, you can’t have the tour without Casey!