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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 11 Results Show: Things Get Much More Interesting

8:45 We’re back…Trevor Bayne and Joey Logano in the house tonight. Trevor Bayne is SO cute…Ryan intros Jennifer Hudson to do “Where You At”…I think she’s on tape too. But does it matter, she’s awesome. And this song is pretty…Not sure about that transition, though. She needed some more drama from her band…Never mind. She’s live because they just showed the judges…She yells into the microphone that it’s good to be home…George Huff is one of her backup singers. WOO-HOO! I love me some George Huff…

8:51 Ryan walks over to the bottom three. One of them is safe…The audience yells Casey…It’s Thia…WHAT?! Well then it has to be Stefano going home, right? Right?...After the break…

Okay, reset moment here. I can understand Stefano. He made a HUGE mistake with his song choice. But Casey just got cursed by going first. If it’s Casey, I believe the judges will save him. What that does to the tour, I have no idea. But you cannot have the tour without Casey. You just can’t. If it’s Stefano, JLo will do everything she can to convince Steven and Randy to save him. This one will be a doozy folks!