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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jasmine Reflects While Ricky Seriously Brings It

Jasmine Murray, “Reflection”: 16
Uh, Kara. The rest of us knew she had a big voice. Where have you been? And I think she picked a song to show that. And I think she deserves props for not picking Rihanna. Notice Simon trying hard to justify the choice they may have already made.

Ricky Braddy, “Superstitious”: 20
I thought he made a wrong choice here, but that was SERIOUSLY good! I hope Paula really fights for him because it’s clear that Randy and Simon have already made up their minds. I mean, Randy just used the word “self-indulgent.” That’s Simon’s word.

I’m starting to think I’m right about the two girls thing and also that my original Megan and Jasmine theory is correct…