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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jesse and Matt Kick It Off

Ooh…Three imposing urinal chairs...

And what is up with Tatiana and her wide leg stance with the short skirt? Does she think that’s going to help her? Man, I hope not…

And why don’t we just admit right now that the judges have already made up their minds?

To the singing now…

Jesse Langseth, “Tell Me Something Good”: 12
Was she off or was it the band? That whole song was just messed up. I think it was a bad song choice too because of that AND because the backup singers get the biggest part.

Matt Giraud, “Who’s Lovin’ You”: 18
So why didn’t he do that the first time? I agree it was a little over the top at times, but it was still really good.

And what is up with all of the miscues in the red room tonight?

Simon just can’t come to grips with Taylor winning season five, can he?