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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did America Get It Right?

So, once again, America did the right thing but the show was robbed from teasing us about it thanks to the new judge’s WAY too long diatribe to Kris. Personally, I would have preferred the teasing…

If Nick had made it through, the show would have become a joke. And I don’t know if it could have recovered. Kudos to the true “Idol” fans for rallying to keep that from happening.

But I think my idea of him being a part of the “Idol” tour is a good one. No doubt this won’t be the last time we see him on the show.

I really like Kris. He’s cute and he shows a lot of promise. And he proved that a good song choice can make all the difference. Allison was absolutely the best girl, and Adam was definitely the best guy. She just needs some more personality and he needs to be a little less of a theatrical robot.

As for the one or two Simon promised we’ll see in the Wild Card, I’m guessing Megan absolutely and maybe one of the Matts as well.

Now, if we can just get Danny, Adam and Kris in the top 10, it will be a really great tour—at least for me it will be…

Remember we’ll do it all again on Tuesday and Wednesday. And then Thursday, things get wild…