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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty Speaks: "We're more like a brother-sister thing"

So the big question remaining after last night’s finale was: Are Scotty and Lauren a couple?

On WKEE this morning, I even tried out a new couple name: Scauren. But alas, it looks like I won’t get to use it…

During his conference call with reporters today, Scotty said the big kiss Lauren gave him was a joke.

“She said before the show she was going to do that for a joke,” he told us. “Me and her we’re more like a brother-sister thing. She’s great but it’s more a brother-sister friendship.”

The highlight of the phone call was when a reporter revealed to Scotty that his song, “I Love You This Big” is #1 on iTunes. Scotty just started laughing. “That is wild. This is the first I’ve heard of it.” Scotty could then be heard talking away from the phone to someone in the room with him. “Sorry, I had to tell my mom,” he said when he came back to the phone. It was really cute.

Here’s some more of what Scotty had to say…

On how he’s handling all the attention: “This is pretty wild. It’s a whole lot more than I bargained for.”

On where he goes from here: “We’ve talked about heading to Nashville. We’re trying to get me and Lauren to Fan Fest this year. They’re working on it.”

On whether he ever thought he was going home at some point: “This week especially. Lauren’s something else. She’s an amazing young lady…Everybody this year from the Top 40 down were so talented…I never really gave myself a chance before the show.”

For the record, yes, he did say young lady. He’s so polite…

On his album: “I’m looking forward to getting my music out there. I recorded two songs this week. I’m really excited about the other one too. It’s gonna be a great album. It’s all about picking good songs. Hopefully Lauren and I can do a duet at some time.”

When someone asked about the other song, he said he couldn’t say…

On what made him break down in the limo during his homecoming: “We were driving to the school and I saw all these familiar faces. And I had the window down and somebody yelled, ‘We miss you and love you.’ That really got me. I miss them so much. They were my friends before the show.”

Scotty also revealed that his basket from the balcony went in on his third attempt…

On whether he thought he would win: “I thought [Lauren] amped it up with her last song. That was one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard…She’s been supporting me. We both came out winners last night.

We’ll hear from Lauren in a few hours…

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX