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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 12: Who's Going Home?

Before I make this week’s predictions, let me say a word about the studio recordings that will be available for download on iTunes. I was pretty surprised with how good last week’s were. It’s clear that Jimmy’s team of producers are taking their jobs seriously. Only Ashthon’s came off weak.

And it’s unbelievable how recordable Scotty’s voice is. And even though Naima’s “Umbrella” might have come off messy on air, it actually worked in the studio—even the reggae.

So I’m looking forward to what tonight’s recordings will sound like—especially Casey’s and Jacob’s. I encourage all of you to consider downloading your favorites to benefit Red Cross efforts in Japan…

Now, who is going home? I think the bottom three is a fairly easy pick—Haley, Karen and Naima. Haley picked the complete wrong song, Karen came off way too weak, and Naima’s performance was pretty pitchy and she went first. However, Naima is quite the wild card, so it’s possible that Thia could take her place.

I think it will definitely come down to Karen and Haley, with my gut telling me that it’s Haley that will go home.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me about Haley or will it be someone else? Post your comments or talk to me on Facebook or Twitter