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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 12: James and Steven Make a Deal

Okay, I did the research during the break and the math works out for Casey Abrams to be the one doing Nirvana. AWESOME!

And I also did some research on 1995, which included both Madonna’s “Take a Bow” and Sophie B. Hawkins’ “As I Lay Me Down,” both of which I think Thia could have done well…

James Durbin, “I’ll Be There For You”: 14
That chorus was terrible. You want to talk about pitchy. And he missed the scream badly. He really needs to cut that out.

And isn’t it interesting that after Jon Bon Jovi trashes iTunes, one of his songs is going to be sold on iTunes to benefit Japan?

And the first test of the delay system is successful as they catch Steven cursing. But you have to admit, that exchange between him and James was pretty good as James told Steven he didn’t “want to spoil the Aerosmith until the finale.” Steven said he would sing it with him and they shook on it. You just know that whether James is in the top two or not, he will definitely sing with Steven on the finale…

#Tylerism Alert: “That guy’s got a rich vein of inner crazy