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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 13 Guys: Who's Going Through?

So, who’s going through?

This is a SERIOUSLY tough question tonight. Remember it’s about who makes the top, not who’s in the bottom. The top five vote-getters will go through.

So let me break it down this way. Here are the people I think will definitely go through:

1) Jermaine Jones. After all the attention he got and the audience reaction and the whole reveal thing, there’s no way he doesn’t go through.

2) Heejun Han. I think he’s way too popular to go home now.

3) Joshua Ledet. He brought down the house tonight and deserves a spot in the Top 13. If for some strange reason he doesn’t make it, he’s a lock for a Wild Card.

4) Creighton Fraker. This is the only one I slightly wavered on—not because I don’t think he deserves it but because I’m not sure he’s flashy enough.

And the 5th spot? That thing is totally up for grabs, but I’d give the edge to Reed Grimm, just because of his popularity during the Hollywood Rounds.

So does that mean I don’t think Chase will make it? Not at all. Country fans are a loyal bunch and Chase is the only one who sang country tonight. He’s definitely got the looks going for him and he was memorable tonight because his song was so different.

My concern is that Chase will need to make it through on votes because I’m not sure that the show will want to go down the male country road again and give him a Wild Card. Or maybe they will because he’s the only country guy…


What do you guys think? Who do you think is going through?

And while you discuss it, I need to go vote for Chase…