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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kristen Confuses While Nathaniel Gets Physical

Kristen McNamara: “Gimme One Reason”: 18
This was totally unexpected for me and I thought it was a good reworking of the song. I TOTALLY disagree with Kara and Paula about singing Kelly Clarkson. This early in the competition it would be a mistake since it’s so familiar for people watching. I’m wondering, though, if she did this one on “Nashville Star” because she seemed so comfortable with the arrangement.

Nathaniel Marshall, “I Would Do Anything for Love”: 15
There was just something about that choice being so unique that I had to give it some props. OMG! I was just about to write Olivia Newton John headband when Simon said it. It did remind me of her “Physical” video. But I think he has a good voice, so I was a little generous.

Why did Simon ask about who he brought with him? Was he lobbying for him? If Nathaniel does get through, he owes Ryan big time for taking him to the judges. Good move trying to give Simon his headband…