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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Randy Jackson on Hollywood Week: "It was kind of weird"

Randy Jackson did a conference call with reporters today, presumably to whet our appetites for the Hollywood episodes, which start next week. But it seems like all he did was answer questions about “The X Factor” and Mariah Carey…

But we did get a few juicy quotes about what happened in Hollywood:

“We’ve switched it up a little bit,” Randy said. “We haven’t had a tougher Hollywood Week ever. You want to turn it up a little bit.”

Apparently, they turned it up a lot, because Randy said that several people fainted. “It was kind of weird.”

Randy would not reveal what kind of challenges happen in Hollywood, although one reporter mentioned a 50s theme and a one voice, one instrument challenge. And Randy didn’t mention the words I long to hear each year, “Group Day.” Since we know the contestants are going to Las Vegas, I’m wondering if my favorite part of the season has once again been shelved…

Here are a few other things Randy had to say today…

On how the “Idol” judging panel works when the “X Factor” panel is being reshuffled after only one season: “You’re looking for chemistry. We lucked out at ‘Idol.” And then we lucked out again. We all have common interests, but we look at things differently.”

On why the “Idol” ratings are down this year: “The space of singing shows is a little crowded right now.”

On what changes will be made this season: “There’s a couple little wrinkles. One thing we’ve been tossing around is this Judges’ Save thing. Last season we used it at the right time. But we would’ve liked to have had others.”

On whether Mariah Carey (who he manages) would be good as an “X Factor” judge: “She’d be amazing.” Simon Cowell is one of the smartest people I know so I’m sure he’s got a great list.”

On whether the judges disagree: “We disagree a lot. We don’t see everyone the same way…I think we’re all being a little bit more stern.”

On last season’s catchphrase: “I think ‘in it to win it’ is retired.”

On how long he’ll do the show: “I think the show can go for a number of years. I hope wish and pray Ryan will still be there. I will be there for a while.”

On the key to contestants surviving all of the preliminary rounds: “You have to be great every time and be consistent in your greatness.”

Randy was also very complimentary of Scotty McCreery, whose album has just gone platinum. “Platinum today is like selling 10 million records seven years ago,” Randy said.

Another cool note was revealed when a reporter asked if Randy’s good friend Steve Perry would ever appear on “Idol.” Randy said Perry is working on new music and they joke about him coming on the show all the time. “You never know,” Randy said.

Also on the call, another reporter revealed to Randy that Amy Brumfield, the girl who lives in a tent, has a pretty serious criminal past. You can read about it on TMZ.

Don’t forget the auditions wrap up tonight in St. Louis and then we’ll get to see those people start fainting…

Photo Credit: Warwick Saint/FOX