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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Top 10 To Watch Walk the "Green Mile"

After I lost several of my Top 10 during last week’s cuts, I have a new 10 that I’m keeping my eye on as the Top 24 is finally unveiled.

And yes, a familiar name is still at the top…

10) Elise Testone

Elise was a standout in the group that gave us that amazing rendition of “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” in Vegas.

9) Colton Dixon

I am a sucker for a good looking guy with a great voice. Throw in great piano playing and I’m hooked. Colton wowed with his solo performance of “What About Now” and with his harmonies in the “Dedicated to the One I Love” group in Vegas.

8) Jeremy Rosado/David Leathers Jr. (tie)

David has wowed all along with his young Michael Jackson-type voice. But Jeremy also shined when the duo’s group sang “Rockin’ Robin” in Vegas.

7) Creighton Fraker

I almost put Creighton in my last list and now I don’t know why I didn’t. He wowed with his solo rendition of “What a Wonderful World.”

6) Jen Hirsh

Jen got a standing ovation from the judges for what I considered to be a slightly over-the-top rendition of “Georgia On My Mind,” but there’s no doubt it was solid. And her performance with Lady and the Spectacles doing “Sealed With a Kiss” was also solid.

5) Joshua Ledet

Joshua had a very strong week last week with the highlight being his outstanding solo performance of “Jar of Hearts.”

4) Reed Grimm

Reed continued his unique streak by playing the drums during his solo performance of “Georgia On My Mind” that he barely put together at the last minute. And he was great in his Vegas group doing “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.”

3) Heejun Han

I just love Heejun. He’s funny and he has a beautiful voice. I can’t imagine the Top 24 without him.

2) Adam Brock

I wanted to put Heejun in this spot, but if I’m being totally honest, I have to give the singing edge to Adam. He reminds me of Danny Gokey, but with a much stronger voice. His solo performance of “Georgia On My Mind” was amazing, but his best performance last week may have been during his impromptu jam session with Steven Tyler.

1) Chase Likens

You didn’t seriously think I’d go with anyone other than Point Pleasant native/Marshall student Chase, did you? We finally got to see him sing last week, but I’m pretty sure it was only a glimpse of what he can do. I sincerely hope we’re going to see a lot more.

So how about you guys? Who are your faves? And who do you think is a lock for the Top 24?


Photos Credit: Michael Becker/FOX