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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 3 Performance Show: Final Thoughts

Tonight really should have been a formality. Just one more chance for Haley to sing for America before she was eliminated tomorrow night and Lauren and Scotty were ushered off to the Nokia Theater.

But someone forgot to tell Haley that as she nailed all three of her songs—even overcoming tripping over the stairs. But apparently someone did tell Lauren as she didn’t totally nail her songs. Although the judges and Jimmy Iovine didn’t really do her any favors by picking safe songs for her to do. We already knew that Jimmy is a Haley fan so it was no surprise to see him give Lauren a safe one to make Haley’s risky choice look better. But the judges—who have urged Haley to push herself all season—choosing the uber-safe “I Hope You Dance”? At times, it seemed like the show wants Haley in the Top 2. Or maybe they’re using reverse psychology?

It makes my head hurt to try and figure it out…

So the question remains. Who’s going home? Or maybe the bigger question is Can Haley actually make the Top 2?

I picked Lauren for the finale almost from the beginning, so I hate to abandon her now. But, my gut tells me that Haley did enough to overcome the Lauren fans and Lauren will go home. Shocking, I know, but that’s what my gut says…right now…

So what do you guys think? Will Haley make the Top 2, or will we get the Top 2 we had all been expecting?

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