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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 2 Performance Show: Lauren is Ready and Scotty is "Gone"

The show begins with a cute video showing Carrie Underwood and David Cook as kids and Scotty and Lauren as kids. I would think that if Lauren is not performing they would have scrapped that…

And what’s up with the bowtie, Seacrest?

Ryan tweeted that he’ll address Lauren’s voice at the beginning of the show. She does come out with Scotty. She says, “I’m here, I’m ready to sing and I’m ready to go.” The doctor comes out and says she strained her vocal cord during rehearsal but she’s had plenty of medicine and she’s going to do great.

Alrighty then. Let’s do it!

Round 1 is contestant’s choice, Round 2 is Idol’s choice and Round 3 is their debut single should they win the competition. That’s different than what had been reported which was that they’d both release singles…

Contestant’s Choice

Scotty McCreery, “Gone”: 18

This would have been my choice too since the rest of the show will most likely be ballads. But it seemed lost in the Nokia Theatre. I think the sound might be off tonight.

Apparently we’re holding judges’ comments until the end, or at least until the end of each round…

Phew! I need the break to catch up…