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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chris Medina Will Not Be Part of Finale

Chris Medina—remember him?—tweeted today that not only was he not invited to be a part of the “Idol” finale, his request for tickets was refused.

Chris tweeted, “Just found out I will not be at the finale for #AmericanIdol sad and disappointed.”

When a fan asked for more details, he tweeted, “not asked. Then I asked for tickets and I told they can’t. No harsh feelings #AmericanIdol”

How soon they forget…

Since Chris and his fiancé, who suffered a brain injury in a car accident, were such a big part of the show’s early season buzz, you’d think they’d at least give him tickets and allow him to walk the “Idol” red carpet.

Clearly, the show is prepared to move on…