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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did America Get It Right?

So, did America get it right? Yes, and no…

Jasmine was absolutely right, but I think Jorge deserved another chance. I’m actually a little surprised that Megan made it through. Was it the influence of Vote for the Worst, her super sappy video package, or do people actually like her?

If Megan had to stay, though, then Jorge was absolutely the right choice. Anoop gave a poor performance, but I think Anoop definitely deserved another chance.

So what about the new rule? It almost seemed like much ado about nothing, didn’t it? But I think it adds an interesting element to the show. I just think if their goal was to prevent shocking eliminations, then they needed to extend it beyond the top five because that’s when a lot of the shockers occur…

And I’m just SO glad it’s not a sing-off because that would upset me…

So what do you think? Did America get this one right?