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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking News: Will Jamar Get a Wild Card Shot?

This is a big one, kids…

There has been a lot of speculation that Jamar Rogers may return for the Wild Card Round, including a photo caption in next week’s “TV Guide” predicting a Jamar-Danny Gokey “Wild Card reunion.”

I had planned on doing a blog post about this and speculating as to whether it could be the surprise that FOX reality guru Mike Darnell teased us about a month ago.

And then—in almost a throwaway sentence—broke this thing wide open this morning:

“In next Thursday's wild-card round, the judges bring back eight or nine singers — not necessarily just from the semifinals — and pick three to round out the Top 12.” is already speculating that this could also mean the return of David Osmond…

I’m still trying to confirm with the Idol folks if this statement is accurate and I’ll let you know when I hear something…