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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Simon Speaks...

We finally heard from Simon about the fourth judge yesterday at auditions in New York—the first time all four judges were together…

The foursome walked a red carpet together through a media circus looking to take the first picture of the group all together.

Simon was quoted in an AP story as saying, “It’s like, you know, having dinner with three people for seven years and getting quite bored of each other. So, it’s having a fourth person, new opinion, I think it’s gonna be interesting.”

Why do I not believe he’s really into this?

Simon later added, “Kara has a good reputation of A, having hits, and B, having an opinion. And that’s a good combination. And she’s cute.”

Randy said, “I think it’s gonna make it sexier.”

Simon also told reporters that they have not decided how ties will be broken now that there are four judges deciding who goes to Hollywood.

As for the seating order, both Randy and Simon said they would be sitting between “the two girls.”

And how will all of the opinions get fit into the show? Simon said, “Paula will have to speak less”…

I’m looking forward to seeing how it all works out…
Photo provided by FOX